About Me

Life and work, Food and Flowers

Hello World!

Welcome on board my ship of “French Shabby Chic Cabane!

I’m Juli, craver of good food, cooking and wine.  And I have a beautiful daughter who lives the modern lifestyle but grew up the traditional way.

French Shabby Chic Cabane is a latitude where I expresses the scenery of happiness and existence.

On top of all things, I love Photography and therefore I ceaselessly carry my camera with me wherever I go.  I am an exotic English girl who was born in the sunniest and warmest of all places.   And it is not surprising considering my sun burnt skin.  I was brought up by birds and I am a wanderer without wings.  Even though I may be lost I try my best to notice the little things in life.

Home in the making

These days I dwell and write about simple living of home life.  Together I log my new ventures about my online shop that will be making a come-back in March 2019.  As a result I enjoy the world of home-made crafts and the shabby chic design of my own creation.  And it is what I  had been dreaming of for a long time.   Finally I am realizing and challenging that dream.

Of top of all things crafty, shabby and chic, I enjoy cooking.  Not only that I love visiting places, but I never miss a visit to our village markets.  And this is where I pick up fruits, vegetables and fresh flowers for our home.  However decorating our home with flowers is a big part of my life and will always be.  And nothing is perfect about my home and my lifestyle, I love the imperfect.

My early days as a child

I was born bilingual speaking French and English from a young age.  As a child I grew up in a traditional home.   And together with my friends we played “hide and seek, rounders and seven stones.”  Those were the days when I ate fish and did gardening with my mum after the sun had set – an idyllic life some would say.

Surely this has inspired my story about life’s journey.  After all it is about being moved by what others may regard as small things.  Perhaps a bunch of Daisies, a clear blue sky, and some fresh picked fruits from the garden.  Furthermore it’s about passion, about growing up in a tradition where all the French tastes of my ancestors abide.   And not only that,  it was passed down from one generation to another.  Life then was about living the journey without thinking of the destination.

On the whole I had a good life.  When I was young I felt that one day I would travel to the shores of my ancestors where they did it all.  As a result I am here and I am living it.

“Que La Vie Est Belle!”

Enjoy the trip sailors!