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Autumn is on its way

September 1, 2019

There is something in every garden so special at this time of the year. They are rose-hips.We all love roses. But after they have faded, roses don’t just go away until the next season. But they leave us to adore the rose-hips that are as pretty as the roses too.

I love rose-hips.   I collected some branches and it looks beautiful as a centre piece.  The little jars I am using in the picture are from my old spice rack.  I kept the jars.  It is like we say ” don’t throw away everything.”  “Re-purpose and enjoy it again and make them live with you for more seasons to come.

And this is why I love Rosemary. They grow fast and spread before you even know it. They are such a beautiful foliage. And I love them in some of my cooking. I also use them for flower arrangements and at Christmas Rosemary is a must have at home.

Happy September 1st everyone! May the cosy autumn vibes and dark chilly nights fall upon us soon.

Wishing you all a wonderful week!

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