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A Taste Of Spring

March 23, 2019

A Taste Of Spring

Good morning everybody and happy Saturday!I am hoping you will all be having something exciting this weekend.I am craving for a marvellous spring season with plenty of good weather.  And plus I will start to take my camera out with me to get some photos… I can tell you the truth – I have a lot to learn about my camera.It is much of a beautiful day.  The rain had stopped, it is not wet and neither damp.  And the weather is starting to get warm, not wintry cold but very pleasant.  I am all excited to welcome spring!The trees have blossom in time this year.  We only had snowy rain sometime in January and February.  That could be a reason the blooms came out early. All we know it is spring, and more trees and plants will be blooming soon.I am sharing with you some spring trees and plants that have already shown up at my side of the world.I never leave old stone wall stone steps alone, I’ve got to put them in pictures. I always adore the green plants climbing upon them. They are very beautiful to look at and they came out as pretty in the pictures as they are naturally on the wall.   Like every beginning of spring our typical daffodils and tulips are a must!  We all love them, don’t we? Well Ladies and Gentlemen, I will love you and leave you with some beautiful Carnation blooms. I wish you all a wonderful week with lots of sunshine!

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