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Creation is my new adventure

March 20, 2019

Meanwhile I love going to fabric stores.  And when I walk into some of myfavourite fabric stores, I am swamped with choices. Since I want them all, it is pure of loving what I do.  While my time spent at sewing is where I talk to fabrics and threads.  And my hands keep doing the movements, north and south, east and west. 

I am creating something tangible and solid that won’t need to be recast.  Everything appears to be see-through and enthusiastic and I don’t feel uncertain or lack of confidence or discerning opinion.  I can only see the needle filling the fabric with threads and sooner a creative oeuvre surfaces.And I am happy, jubilant and at peace with the finished aspect of my new evolution.  I like the smell of fabrics and it wrap my thoughts with excitement, achievement and assurance. Since that some of the bulk of fabrics I purchase gets to linger in the cupboard in my sewing room and when I go back to it after weeks or months, a creative action is very imminent and I enjoy every minute of the pleasure of mending something beautiful. I take the delight in cutting and give them a new life. And there are remnants that I keep in a basket for a very long time, when I take the toll to clear them, they don’t get thrown away, but they get made into some pretty pieces that I give as gifts for Christmas or birthdays. 

I spent some of my teenage years learning to sew and embroidering. I grabbed some imperceptible bits of somebody else who taught me all about it, whether she had full or limited knowledge of them, but it was worth it how and what she delivered to me.  Regardless of my sagacity or faux pas I travelled through have come to an end.My youthful years were a transient season only.  And after all, entirely in an unalike how-do-you-do is how to express the love of fabric and sewing to the inexperienced.  It is happiness in my heart, tranquility in my mind and achievement in my hands.  And for some who still wouldn’t understand, it is like having some colouring books and some coloured pencils. And well, the nature of my work will not fade when the sun set but they will dazzle in both the sunshine and moonlight.  And the depiction that I frame with my two hands may dwell longer than I do.Today is the first day of Spring 2019.  Since the media is full of “no good news”… I am sharing with you my beautiful crafts because life is great with beautiful things and together we will look at the bright side of home-made creations. It’s been some busy days in the small corner of my world.  It means that everything winter will slowly being put away and most probably will be forgotten for some months. So… as we have finally come to the end of winter, I shall leave you with some of my traditional spring creations that I have prepared especially for you to give you a hints of what is enfolding over here at mine. I am busy cutting all the fabrics that have spring and summer designs to prepare for the next seasonal activities that are quickly approaching. Well Ladies and Gentlemen I hope you have enjoyed reading my long script in the passage of sewing.    I will be back in a couple of days.  I will love you and leave you!  Cheerio!

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