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Creation is my new adventure

February 8, 2019

These days creation is my new adventure – it is truly a joy.  

To begin with I know I am not alone in this experience.  Since the beginning of this year I have been totally busy.  And I have been at my sewing machine weeks after weeks.  At the present time I am still sewing non-stop.  

Sooner the 2019 spring season will be with us soon. And I cannot seem to want to believe it. But it is the real truth.  In the meantime busy family life and working lifestyle flows on as it always does.  After all everything else are grandly in place.When it comes to blogging I love writing the life that surrounds me. But when I write about my crafting and sewing many of you apprehend the jollity.  As a result a lot of us loves to be creative.

And they tend to want to have a small business or some of them are already having one.  Not only that, many of us verily think that there isn’t adequate time.  Such as time to set oneself behind the sewing machine and make enough to sell for a living.  In reality this is fact, it is very true.

But in other words if we want to trade behind a sewing machines, it is a job that one will have to prepare themselves long before they start to run such business.  And the world believes in re-purposing and re-inventing.


For example the traditional embroideries are being salvaged and re-invented again.  And people loves them and they find a space to live in their homes for many years.  In my opinion, vintage embroideries of yesteryear have truly made a big come back.  However many of us are living the days of our great grand families.

Quilting and Patchwork

Actually quilting is the pleasure of my actual living moments.  When I make quilts I reminisce the days of my grandmothers and my mother.  And it is like I am adding their centuries old arts to mine.  Thus I am rebuilding their world lost once.

And it was never a thought that one day I was going to roll into the lost realm of my loved ones.  For this reason I turned it into a sphere that brightens the lifestyle I live.  Along with, I am reminiscing their vestige which is a passion I adore.

In fact my sewing machine and I have become best friends.  And living for creations is me.  Therefore I never throw away any pieces of fabrics.  As you may see below, the strips added together are not the same sizes. Occasionally I use them as they are.  Finally I create something that a beautiful creation emerges for myself or for my  home – a treat for not throwing them away.

Gradually I feel happy that at least they become a table cover or a throw, pillow cushions or even a bag.  Thereafter weeks and twelvemonths of bits of scraps an accomplishments and entirety unfold.  However there are remnants of fabrics, stretches of threads and a share of me in every creation I make.  Hence I feel like some of me will live on.

Thank you for having a read!

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