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Christmas Cards

December 15, 2018

Of all days yesterday I went through our Christmas box.  

However I found  Christmas cards we got many years ago.  And I read all of them.  How cheerful, lovely, and sad at the same time to go back on those years.  Likewise a lot of people that I have known many of them have left.  They are miles away, and their life has changed.

For example those who have gone to rest.   Up to the present time their memories lingers in my Christmas trunk year after year.   Sadly I read the last Christmas card my lovely friend “Marion” gave me the last Christmas she was around and it’s been almost three years since she departed, … uhh life is hard.However one of my greatest and most wonderful neighbour I ever had.   Besides everything else she was like a second mother to me.   Admittedly I had her in my life for over 15 years.   As a result year after year I read all her Christmas cards.   By and large they will remain in my trunk for the rest of my days.  And I have 15 Christmas cards from her.

Likewise I surmise the number of  years we waited for great people to walk into our life. Then how quickly they leave.  Well, to me, Christmas is not only about the friends or families that cheer us on this festive moment.  But It is also about those who were once here with us, and they shall never be again.

Or those who have left and they are far away.  Uniquely we reckon that hopefully one day we will toast our glasses once again.  And although they say that “life is a journey,” Christmas are like birthdays. In fact they accompany us on this journey year after year.

Well my lovely readers, I hope you have had a great read.   And I hope your days are cheery with all the flavours of Christmas in them.

May I wish you all a wonderful weekend!  Keep warm with Hot Chocolate, socks and books!  Cheerio!


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    December 19, 2018 at 9:59 pm

    I have kept letters and cards from special people like you have, ones which bring a wistfulness to bygone days. I enjoyed this post and if you only post once a month I don’t mind you putting me on your list. I prefer to look people up since I am moving most of my energy into FB and Instagram, Juli.
    May you have the merriest Christmas and fantastic beginning of your new year, too! ~~ ** ~~

    1. J


      December 20, 2018 at 3:54 am

      Hi Robin, It is wonderful to actually heard from you. Thank you for visiting me. I am glad you stopped by. I have gone back to face book, but not much well verse there. And yes I am on instagram too. Instagram is good too. I hope to see you soon. By the way let me know your instagram name. Take care.

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