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Colourful Autumn and New Blog

October 7, 2018

It is colourful autumn – Right?

Autumn – I am struggling to begin this entry into a new blog.

So far my mind is blasting with scary thoughts that are one minute bewildering and more buoyant the next.   Actually I am sitting at my desk in front of my computer screen.  And I am  tapping words on my keyboard that needs to be delivered however I don’t know why.

Furthermore I spent my morning trying to find some Autumn pictures I made last year.  And it’s been a roller coaster of events for me these past weeks.  Besides attending meetings one after the other and frequent seminars week after week, I decided to bring my trade on line.  In the meantime my website is under construction and my mind is also focusing on 2019.

Eventually my blog will be about home life, my crafts, online shop,  and some travel to find old treasures for my shop.  But it will be more versed with creations from the past era created by myself at home-made.  As time passed I am hoping this new direction will show a glimmer of excitement.  Not only that but for those who may become customers and hoping they will love my creations.  Finally it will convey a new passion to advance towards something definitely solid and tangible.  Meanwhile I am thinking of “realistic!”


Uniquely my ideal season of the year is autumn.  And The weather feels fresher, crisper, and cooler for the first time in months. At the same time it is my best season that I do lots of activities outside of home.  Might be a new season bring new things to anchor upon.

Sooner or later it will be Thanks Giving and Halloween.  Comparatively in Europe we don’t celebrate Thanks Giving.  But Halloween is a fun night.  As a result everyone gets down their everyday fashion wear and jump into some creepy devil outwears.   And they go have fun on the town for a trick & treat is as special as anything.  

Despite living in Europe,  I would like to try celebrating Thanks Giving.  In my opinion it would be fun to invite friends and families to come and celebrate the harvest season.

However I hope you have had a good read and that you will be back for more. Finally I wish you a wonderful autumn season.


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