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French Artists

February 21, 2018

French Artists – France through their eyes – Be young or old, an artist is a person who owns a Image

forte to behold the world real or imaginary.

I believe their world is a canvas and they paint their journey.  In all their ventures, instead of words, they express reality across their paintings.  Throughout their imaginations, they can also frame via their work many aspects of an unreal world.

Artists live in two different worlds.  They live in both the old and the new world.  Their works depict the past as much as they reveal the reflection of the modern society.

At the glides of a paintbrush is how reality and emotions are portrayed in many colours.

Through and through, every art of painting is the “eye of an artist.”

Pictures below are post cards I bought while I was visiting places in the Province of Poitou Charente.  They are reproductions of paintings from different artists.   They depicts life in the villages of Poitou Charente in the South West Coast of France.

Carrelets – Aquarelle by “C. Coutin”  –  This kind of pastures is very common on the coast of the South West of France.  Not only by the sea but you will also see them by the rivers.  In my next post I will share a picture I photographed by the river –  Carrelets built by some people who are passionate about this hobby.  It is my dream to one day fish in one of them.001Image below – Chenales et Cabanes ostreicoles et chalutiers meaning (Channels and Oyster huts and trawlers) – By C Coutins002

Image below – Maison Fleurie des roses tremieres (Flowered house with hollyhocks) – Aquarelle C. Coutin  –  And the painter did not forget to flow in his painting the year that the house was built – 1781.  003Image Below – “The Forte Boyard.” – Fort Boyard is a fortress located between the Île-d’Aix and the Île d’Oléron in the Pertuis d’Antioche straits, on the west coast of France.  Poitou Charente is famous for this old stone architecture in the middle of its ocean.   It was also a show game that was realised in the 1990’s and was aired around the world.  The show was created by Jacques Antoine.  Going down memory lane, I never missed one of its programs, in the nineteen nineties, I was at the end of my teenager years.  Fort Boyard was one of my most adorable shows of all time.  I visited a place called “Chateau de Fouras,” which is also a fortress by the sea, and you can see the “Forte Boyard” in the distance, it is like a dot on a map.  My camera did not have that kind of specialist lens to get a close picture of the real Forte Boyard.  Next time I will work it out how I could, most probably a new lens will do the trick – hoping my dream will come true! lol!004Below is also a postcard which entails a reproduction of the work of an artist called “Philippe Deschamps.”  It could be this place exist somewhere in Poitou Charente.  It could also be an imaginary art.  But I could say that it looks like there are two restaurants on the dock and it was a beautiful summer day full of sunshine.  I love the french shutters, I think they are the main French characters in the painting.  I bought this post card for my daughter, and she absolutely love it.  005Below is a last post card which is also a reproduction of a painting by a French artist, “E Berteaux.”  I believe this painting is showing a French village on a lake with fishermen’s boats scattered on the bay.  This is a lovely reality of daily country village life in France.  I also bought this post card for my girl, she is a lover of boats.  006Good evening ladies and gentlemen!  I took a bit of time to scan the post cards so I can share with you.  I hope you have had a wonderful time reading my post through the colourful paintings of life in the South West Coast of France.  I will be back, stay tune.  I wish you all a lovely week!  Cheers!

Pictures and words are my properties – Thank you!


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