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Turenne medieval village

February 3, 2017

img_0372After all, every holiday is a reminder of sharing the world that you have seen to your followers,friends and families.img_0373

Region of  Nouvelle-Aquitaine in the Department of Correze.  Situated in the arrondissement of Brive-la-Gaillarde in the Canton of Saint-Pantaleon-de-Larcheimg_0432Turenne, is classified among the Most Beautiful Villages of France in a setting of greenery, nature and medieval heritage. The streets lined with mansions descend cascading from the top of the village. At the top of its promontory, the dismantled castle bears two towers of the XIIIth century which escaped the destruction demanded by the King of France in 1738.

(On top of the right of the picture above the houses are the ruins of a castle that is the famously interesting scene of Turenne)img_0427(The fortified ruined castle is well seen on top in the picture as mentioned in the paragraph below)img_0394Interestingly, this region was not part of the kingdom of France but an independent fiefdom until the 18th Century. In 1738 the feudal lord of the manor sold the viscounty to the French king to pay off his gambling debts. Louis XV demanded that the fortified castle be destroyed but the “Marechal du Tourain” insisted on retaining the two towers that we see today. From then onwards Turenne had to pay taxes to the French state.  (in both pictures below the ruined castle is seen from a residential view)



A truly stunning medieval village perched on a hill with a ruined castle.   If you enjoy walking, visiting the chateau will be well worth your visit.  The whole Town is worth a visit.img_0425

img_0424All very well preserved jewels in the French accessories of Limousin. And rolling along the village with its steep narrow paths to get to anywhere is a well worth visit of all the old pastures that Turenne offers and of many views of the amazing sceneries all around.  I am a fan of old stone walls and when I am visiting places in France I never miss the opportunity to photograph them and their green foliage dominating its natural beauty.img_0395

img_0405The house of Chanoines and its majestic restaurant accommodated in this superb old stone house as testifies “La Maison des Chanoines” is a beautiful hotel located in the heart of the prestigious site of Turenne, is a 16th century residence with all this implies entrance door carved in gothic flamboyant style, mullioned window, spiral staircase, gargoyle …).  This restaurant and charming 3 star hotel of Corrèze, was created 31 years ago by Chantal and Claude Cheyroux which was a house of their grandparents, a very old family of Turenne.  You will never miss that warm Frenchie welcome that will guarantees  you the most memorable stay and most probably you will return again one day. (pics of hotel below)img_0418


img_0419Still finding treasures to see in Turenne,  this house that shows the traces of many eras. This beautiful soul caught my attention so much.  I fell in love with its metal design balcony.  I wondered what stories did it had or still have behind the beautiful French shutters.  All it remained for me is a mystery.img_0407Turenne is built in a spiral around the castle perched on the hill. The village lived ten centuries under the authority of the Viscounts of Turenne. In addition to the many beautiful old mansions, the village retains two religious monuments: the 16th century collegiate church and the 17th century Capuchin chapel.  (Below – Picture of Collégiale Notre Dame et St Pantaléon de Turenne)img_0370Collégiale Notre Dame et St Pantaléon de Turenne – Its construction was decided only in 1593, after the conversion to Catholicism of Henry IV in order to appease the spirits but it was not consecrated until 1668.  The church stands on a high level of green land overlooking Toulouse in the distance. (picture of Collégiale Notre Dame et St Pantaléon de Turenne – on the side of the church overlooking Touslouse  which you will see in another picture soon)



Turenne has it all….. its history, beauty and the region. There are fine century buildings, well preserved history of churches, cemeteries, quiet serenity altogether making this village ideal for visiting or staying if you are one who loves everything old, the past, a history and of course a quiet relaxed noiseless pace of life, then you are a lucky winner.  (Pictures depicts in the distance the mountain over the green sceneries is “Toulouse.”) And the view is also from the church of Collégiale Notre Dame et St Pantaléon de Turenne which is behind the cemetery on top of a green terrace.img_0383

img_0382Turenne was once a stopping point on the Camino de Santiago de Compostela pilgrimage route. It has many houses and buildings from the 13th to the 17th centuries.  Lots of its structures accommodated the pilgrims who came over from all around the world.  And today all the pilgrimage homes are still standing.  Some of them would have the drawings designed of a shell on the window which tells us the story that this is one of the homes that the pilgrims stopped to spend the night.img_0463

img_0423This village is surrounded with beautiful homes dated from the 13th century.   And many of them are still habited by owners or their children or grandchildren, though many of them have been sold or being run as holiday homes.  (And the home pictured here below is a “Maison Bourgeoise Correziene.” meaning it was a house owned by high personnel who had title in the French society of Turenne in the precedented years).img_0431


img_0408Turenne is surrounded by restaurants and souvenir boutiques.  A stroll around them is worth a day out in the small village town of Turenne.  img_0428

img_0422Beautiful homes overlooking green pastures with a pace of beautiful sceneries dominated by tranquility.img_0374



img_0373What amazed me so much, Turenne boasted lots of green terraces with wild fruit trees and the fig trees were right on the edge of the public road.  The fruits was still green in the month of June when I was holidaying, and I am sure in later months, holiday makers as well as residents could have picked as many figs for free.  A crave for jams, right?img_0393


img_0392History aside, Turenne is a gorgeous place, filled with flowers in summer and surrounded by rich green countryside.img_0421




img_0375And long ago, most of the homes and chateaus were built with strong hard wooden french doors and still seen today in their pristine dated age.img_0404

Well lovelies I hope You have had a wonderful visit in Turenne through my pictures.  It was nice to know you have visited me.  Thank you.



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    July 18, 2017 at 16:32

    Another place for my bucket list! Gorgeous pictures, and I love the homes.

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      French Shabby Chic Cabane

      July 18, 2017 at 16:43

      Deborah, when you are next in France, please do visit Turenne medieval village, you will not regret. and see my post of “Collonge La Rouge,” and note it down again on your bucket list. you must never leave France without touching these places. trust me!

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        July 19, 2017 at 19:29

        I will make a note of that! Thank you!

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